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Onboarding solution by Training-Online.eu offers an e-Learning tool to improve and streamline your business efforts up to 30 % and optimize the Onboarding process of the employee generating savings up to 40 %. Our Onboarding solution is provided as an Internet platform SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which allows companies and individuals to access on-line digital education tools with no need to invest high amounts and pay for maintanance.

In general, own electronic Onboard solution itself provides education-related savings (irrespective of the user or the topic) up to 40 %.

Onboarding solutions help your employees

Training-Online.eu is designed as an Onboard solution which takes into consideration the specific need of each employee and integrates individual parts of their life cycle. Current LMS applications offer control of this process through their content, which is often costly and not very practical (decreases efficiency), individual components of this Onboarding solution Training-Online.eu were designed so that the user can access them through the main site and is instantly guided.

Positive solutions of Onboarding Training-Online.eu include:

  • advancing the interest of the employer by further educating their employees
  • the ability to provide continuous education
  • increasing the computer literacy of all users
  • effective and cheap education - reducing operational costs at times when most companies are looking for savings and still providing effective training and education

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