Employee onboarding with e-Learning platform

Get your new employees onboard faster and cheaper

The so called “onboarding”, the process during which you train your newcomer employees to have the knowledge and skill desired, represents an important area in any business. Studies have shown that a well-organized onboarding process increasesnewcomer retention by up to 20 %. Your onboarding system has to be well elaborated, but at the same time you don't want the process to be too long. The shorter you make it last, the sooner you will be able to generate the profit.

Onboarding process step by step

The Training-Online.eu e-learning platform brings aunique approach to the onboarding process. We created the onboarding system having in mind the newcomer employees who often might be confused and even afraid of doing the first steps. The onboarding process as we present it can be perceived as an employee guide through all the necessary steps, from the company's history and policies, through its business plans, solutions and products, history and policy to practical issues such as medical examinations etc.

Personalize your online courses

You can customize your courses at Training-Online.eu by adding your own company name or brand, enabling thus your employees and clients to perceive the online training platform as your own internal  tool. The system you create is personal and there are no other users to it.

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