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Training-Online.eu provides the e-Learning platform FREE. When you register you get 30USD FREE credit and immediate access to Your LMS system - you can create courses, import and assign users to the courses and other services. Once the credit is empty you can fill new credit and continue smoothly in assigning other courses or use premium services. The payments for assignments and premium services are subtracted from Training-Online.eu Credit System which may be filled by system admins via PayPal or Credit Card payment.

Fully active LMS

All components of Training-Online.eu are fully active during its service, which means that since your registration there is no time limit which would limit you in terms of the use of the system. The system is operating and the administration of e-Learning may continue even when the credit in your wallet is 0, the only limitation of such situation is that you cannot assign content to new users or activate some of our premium services

FREE Credit 30 USD

When you create an application, we give you credit of 30 USD FREE which you can use to test funcionality of the LMS application and make sure that the way matches your expectations. The eLearning Management System works on the basis of buying credit into your wallet and subtraction of the amount for every new user content .

Pricetable of e-Learning Training-Online.eu

  Activity type   USD    EUR 
  Course Enroll (pdf, video, SCORM, TEST editor) 1,3 1,2
  Internal Announcement Enroll (pdf, internal announcement) 0,5 0,5
  Skill Gap Enroll (pdf, Skill Gap) 1,7 1,6
  Onboarding Enroll (pdf, video, SCORM, TEST editor, 
  internal announcement or Skill Gap)
2,6 2,5

Activity type is the Content enrollment type and the type is set automatically by the system based on lessons you add/assign to the Course. Eg. You want to make an internal announcement, you place an information pdf lesson and internal announcement lesson = Announcement Enroll type, in case you add video lesson it´s automatically changed to Onboarding Enroll type. Once you remove video lesson it´s automatically changed back to Announcement Enroll type.

Please read the Terms & Conditions to learn about course enrollments of Training-Online.eu.

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