FREE Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) is a web cloud Learning Management System (LMS) designed as a eLearning system that integrates individual periods of the life process of an employee.

The main objective of the e-Learning system is to provide:

  • e-Learning system with an easy and well arranged Graphic User Interface (GUI) that easily understood by user on a first sight
  • LMS creation in one minute registration for free
  • accessibility LMS e-Learning from anywhere
  • maximum flexibility on LMS systems configuration
  • coverage on the duty cycle of an employee - starting with the moment of commencement or before it (OnBoarding), following employee education, training and development, finally the exit process (OffBoarding), employee or supplier surveys, skillgap evaluations
  • eLearning LMS system that can be easily established with no need of investment on the employer side and predictable future educational cost

Easy LMS system

Whereas other current Learning Management Systems offer the direction of educational process through contents fixed timing (means is then same for all users), which is often costly and not very practical (as decreases efficiency) in terms of the user management, e-Learning system and its components is designed so that the content duration is defined when user is enrolled. The user is then able access enrolled content directly through the main page and is guided instantly.

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